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Service Bureaus

In order to produce customised consumer products, such as personalised frames, toys, collectibles, maps of special trips, gifts and even common household objects at a price point consumers will accept, service bureaus require full-colour 3D printers that use low-cost materials.

Because they are the only ones to use standard office paper as the build material, Mcor 3D printers are the lowest cost systems available – 10%-20% of any other 3D printer. And, Mcor’s unique, full-colour 3D printing capability saves time and money in tedious painting and enables limitless possibilities for consumers to customise their creations.  The versatility of paper parts also enables you to use a variety of finishes to suit almost any need.

Mcor 3D printers are easy to use, clean and compact. No need to vacuum messy powders, remove supports with harsh chemicals or install special ventilation. All of the build material, as well as the 3D printed models themselves, is fully recyclable.

Mcor 3D printers are the ideal way for you to generate ROI and expand your 3D printing service business into profitable new, consumer-focused markets.

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