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Whether you’re engaged in emergency response or military planning, geologic analyses, real estate and city planning, educating students or simply want to document a favourite journey or location as a keepsake, 3D printed GIS models revolutionise the way you use and communicate with GIS data.  3D printed GIS models enable you to quickly, affordably and more effectively communicate with clients, colleagues, public audiences and students than traditional 2D or hand crafted, CNC, and moulded techniques.

Mcor paper 3D printing enables you to produce intricate terrain, city and even subsurface 3D maps in just hours at the lowest cost in the industry – 10%-20% of any other 3D printing technology.  Our unique, full color 3D printer applies critical landscape elements, including text labels, directly onto the model in accurate, realistic color.

See how Mcor 3D printers will revolutionise the way you use and communicate with GIS data:

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