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Sculptors, potters, students and other artists constantly push the envelop with different materials and finishes to realise their design vision and discover new ones.  A growing number of designers are bringing their skills and understanding of three-dimensional forms to new tools and technology, particularly exploiting the design freedoms provided by Mcor paper 3D printing. Mcor 3D printers create physical 3D objects made of common office paper from a 3D data file.

Paper opens up unique creative possibilities. Mcor’s paper 3D printing process and the exceptional texture of the models adds to the artistic meaning of the output and inspires you to use the technology in ways you hadn’t perhaps imagined. And, Mcor’s unique full-color printing capability enables you to further enhance your creations with color.

At just 10%-20% of the cost of any other 3D printing technology, Mcor encourages, rather than limits, constant design iteration and innovation and inspires you to unleash your creativity.

See how Mcor 3D printers enable unique and eco-friendly creative possibilities for 80% less cost than any other technology:

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