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Architecture (AEC)

Architects, as well as engineers and construction (AEC) professionals, know there isn’t any substitute for transforming your ideas into physical 3D objects that you, your clients, and other stakeholders can hold in your hands. But handcrafted models are expensive and can take weeks to complete. Often accuracy is compromised as models are scaled down, resulting in longer approval processes, unmet expectations and lost business.

Mcor paper 3D printers have the lowest operating costs in the industry – 10%-20% of any other technology – enabling you to cut costs and print more accurate models in hours instead of weeks. Our unique full-colour 3D printing enables you to print bricks, tiles, and other accurate and realistic colours and textures directly onto your models to improve communication, secure faster approvals, reduce project timelines and win new business.

Mcor paper 3D printers are the safest, cleanest, easiest to use and most eco-friendly, making them ideal for your office environment and enabling you to create and innovate in ways never before possible.

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