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No Need to Imagine Any Longer: What You CAN Do With True Colour 3D Printing?

Nov 27, 2012 by

No Need to Imagine Any Longer: What You CAN Do With True Colour 3D Printing?

Last week, I posted a blog called, “Imagine the possibilities: What could you do with a full colour 3D printer?” Well, as this week’s title suggests, there’s no need to imagine any longer.

Today we announced the availability of the new Mcor Iris, TRUE colour 3D printer.

The IRIS delivers the lowest cost, most eco-friendly, full-colour 3D printing. Providing the highest quality colour and the finest detail, the IRIS literally prints photo-realistic 3D parts with all the resolution you’ve come to expect from a high-quality 2D colour printer. With the Iris, colour passes all the way through the 3D part, not just on the surface, resulting in much richer and consistent colour. And, the Iris can print both the top and bottom of the sheets of paper, so, for example, you can print the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  Parts printed on the IRIS are also robust and eco-friendly, and the Iris is easy to use and office friendly – no dust or fumes.


Iris in a nutshell:

  • 1 million+ colours and 5760 x 1440 x 508 dpi, delivering consistent, rich colour from part to part and from screen to part
  • Colour when you want it; the option to print either in colour or monochrome
  • Safe build materials, low noise level and no toxic waste
  • Never has colour 3D printing been so affordable – now you can print more models every day


What does this mean for you?

  • You can 3D print a design or engineering label or logo right onto your model instead of painstakingly painting it on later, or worse, doing without it.
  • Teachers can bring finite element, heat and solar analyses off the screen, and into their students’ hands for greater understanding and learning.
  • You can easily distinguish anatomical parts to prepare for a complex surgical procedure resulting in reduced patient time under anesthesia and a better surgical result, or of molecular parts or even parts of a machine assembly for greatly enhanced communication.
  • You can print texture maps (images, photos, shadows, bricks and trees, and other details) onto your model so that it looks just like the real-life object. You can use the realistic models for marketing, sales, client presentations, and detailed design testing.
  • Suddenly a whole host of artistic, packaging, animation and customised consumer products and applications are available to you – things you can now do with colour that you simply can’t do with a monochrome 3D printed model.
  • New businesses and revenue streams are now possible – pushing the limits of what’s available today – with affordable, full-colour 3D printing.

Mcor color skull

To learn more about the new Mcor Iris and TRUE colour 3D printing, visit:



  1. DMO

    Your partner link doesn’t seem to be working. The link for partner inquiries is winding up on a “stories” page.

  2. Can MCOR printers be used to create stringed instruments, specifically acoustic guitars, or even better, baroque arch-lutes?

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