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Mcor Technologies Nominated for 2014 SolidWorks World Best-in-Show Award!

Feb 17, 2014 by

Mcor Technologies Nominated for 2014 SolidWorks World Best-in-Show Award!

We are deeply honoured to have been nominated for the 2014 SolidWorks World Best-in-Show Award!





TenLinks, the largest online CAD, CAM and CAE network, arranged to have 12 judges, all expert SolidWorks Users, on hand for SolidWorks World, held recently in San Diego.  Headed by Roopinder Tara, founder and editor of TenLinks, the judges’ role was to carefully examine each technology and product exhibited on the show floor and nominate products and services for the TenLinks Best of Show Award that they felt were the “best, most useful and most interesting.”

Mcor was nominated specifically because of its

  • Photorealistic full colour 3D printing capability
  • Eco-friendly, green technology
  • Ubiquitous, low-cost material (ordinary paper)
  • Professional-quality mechanical properties

Here’s what the judges said:

“Mcor’s 3D printer uses paper and regular ink. The price of the printer is high, with a base price of $25k, but you save on the back end using regular paper and ink. It eliminates the need for the caustic lye bath. It prints in full color. You can recycle the models when you are done. The size of the models which can be created are comparable to what you can get out of a Stratasys system. Paper jams would be easier to manage than dealing with typical 3D printer materials. Mcor units will relatively easier and cheaper to run and maintain.” – Elise Moss

Mcor was the most innovative at SolidWorks World. Some people like Mcor because it’s green. Some people like Mcor because it’s David going against the Goliaths in the 3D printer industry. Some people like Mcor because it’s disrupting the industry. I like Mcor because it produces inexpensive, lightweight parts with great mechanical properties in full color. I see this becoming a favorite among maker shops popping up around the country. I also see their system EASILY going into new specialized materials (like composites). ” – Name Withheld

“Paper goes in and 3D parts come out — with the strength of wood! And while other 3D printers brag about two or more colors, Mcor with its patented inks and color ink jet heads with paper, provides the most colors and shades. Stick with Mcor for the next level of realism and parts as close to environmentally safe as you can get.” – Roopinder Tara

Click here to view the complete nomination. Winner of the Best-in-Show Award will be named in the coming weeks.

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