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Imagine the possibilities: What could you do with a full colour 3D printer?

Nov 20, 2012 by

Whether you’re a product designer, engineer, architect, artist, animator, student, healthcare provider – or any number of other possibilities – you think and imagine in full, living colour.

Perhaps you already know the benefits that a physical 3D model you can hold, feel, and examine from all sides can provide. Now imagine if you had the capability to look at that model as it would actually appear as a real-life object – just as if you printed a colour photo of the object on a document printer, but then you were able to give it three physical dimensions. Now take that idea one step further and dream about all of the ways you could use that full colour model.

Wouldn’t it be useful to 3D print a design or engineering label or logo right onto your model instead of painstakingly painting it on later, or worse, doing without it? Think of the time you would save, not to mention the quality improvement.

Teachers could bring finite element, heat and solar analyses off the screen, and into their students’ hands for greater understanding and learning.

You could easily distinguish anatomical parts to prepare for a complex surgical procedure resulting in reduced patient time under anesthesia and a better surgical result, or of molecular parts or even parts of a machine assembly for greatly enhanced communication.

Even better, what if you could print a texture map (images, photos, shadows, bricks and trees, and other details) onto your model so that it looked just like the real-life object? You could use the realistic models for marketing, sales, client presentations, and detailed design testing. Suddenly a whole host of artistic, packaging, animation and customised consumer products and applications would be available to you – things you could do with colour that you simply can’t do with a monochrome 3D printed model.

Imagine the new businesses and revenue streams that would become possible – pushing the limits of what’s available today – with affordable, full-colour 3D printing.

What can you imagine doing with low-cost, full colour 3D printing?

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